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When something in your apartment breaks or starts malfunctioning, please use our tenant portal to submit a repair request. At Volusia Real Estate Services, we understand the importance of having a functional home. Before you ask for property maintenance, please read through the list of common issues below. If you have a serious emergency, please call 911 to receive immediate assistance.

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My Toilet Is Blocked

If your toilet isn't flushing because of a block in the pipe, use a plunger to attempt to push the blockage out. Only flush your toilet once or you may cause the toilet to overflow.


The Toilet Handle Won't Flush the Basin

If nothing happens when you pull the handle down, lift the lid on the back of your toilet to make sure the flapper is attached correctly. Verify that the chain is connected to your handle and the flushing mechanism.

I Don't Have Any Power

Electrical outages can have a number of different causes, including inclement weather. First, verify that your home is the only property impacted on your street. If your home is the only one without electrical power, locate your circuit breaker. If the breaker was tripped, the power may have been shut off. Reset the breaker to see if power returns. If you continue to have issues, please call your utility provider.

I Don't Have Hot Water in My Pipes

If your rental property has no hot water, there may be a problem with your water heater. Locate the tank and verify that the settings are correct. Reset the tank and wait 15 minutes to see if the problem has resolved itself.

My Air Conditioning Isn't Working

Check your thermostat settings to make certain that the system is working properly. If your thermostat has a reset option, attempt to reset the system. You may also need to call your utility provider to make certain your outage isn't due to an account issue or power problem.

I Don't Have Heat

Most HVAC systems are controlled with a centrally-located thermostat. Check your thermostat to make certain the temperature has been set correctly.

Light Problems

If your light isn't turning on, check the light bulb first. If that doesn't resolve the issue, reset your breaker.

Smoke Detector

If your detector is beeping, it means you need to replace the battery.

Kitchen Plumbing

If your dishwasher or sink isn't draining correctly, use a commercial drain clearing product to move the blockage through the pipes.



If your fridge isn't cooling properly, check the temperature controls. If that doesn't resolve the issues, verify that the vents on the bottom and back of the fridge are not blocked.